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Your Personalized Astro Manifestation Report Will Guide You Toward Your Vital Calling

Without TRULY understanding this

You can easily find yourself going down the wrong paths…

In your relationships or your career, or just feeling blah about your life! 

And Bethany’s Audios Will Help You Leverage the Power of the Moon and Venus to Deepen Your Intuition & Psychic Gifts…

After learning the incredible power held within the Moon and Venus and how they affect me… 

I was amazed at how well the Miracle Venus Frequency and Full Moon Shamanic Journey audios worked!

My third eye was not only open… I was feeling and seeing things…

Things I hadn’t seen since childhood.

The information was FLOWING to me - I was so happy!
I felt like I was back… to the REAL version of myself…

Who I was before I shut myself down from foreseeing my uncle’s death. I was curious, full of wonder, and excited again. 

I was FREE

I felt a sense of freedom I hadn’t felt in so long

And there was something special about the power and miracles unfolding in my life

Discovering all of these new parts of astrology, I felt like a kid in the candy store

And using Bethany’s audios was truly amazing… 

I was more calm and happy.

My psychic gifts were growing and growing, yet I was still stuck financially!

And many members of our Vital Calling Soul Tribe wanted something to help them create more financial abundance in their lives as well…

I was confused as to why financial challenges were still plaguing me…

I didn’t understand HOW that was possible since I FELT so good, so aligned

But the truth is I didn’t know where my next check was coming from

It made me feel unstable and insecure

Struggling with abundance didn’t seem to be the best way to fulfill my Vital Calling.

So I reached out to Bethany and we scheduled a Zoom call…

And we ended up talking for hours. 

We talked about the power of astrology and how to use it as an incredibly valuable guide in so many ways…

And while I was using it in every way I could think of

I was STILL stuck.

Bethany started telling me about many people she’d worked with over the years…

First, they start down the inner path of learning about themselves…

Learning what their strengths and weak spots might be… 

What is written in the stars for them… 

And how the placement of the planets has a lifelong effect on WHO each of us is.

Once you start seeing all of the pieces that make up who in you are… it becomes natural to start wanting to shift into the next layer

According to Bethany, the next layer AFTER working on ourselves internally

Along with working on our connection to the divine

Is the first external layer.

That layer is about having the financial freedom to do the work we came here to do

Not only is it for our personal financial freedom

But the world needs us to do well and do good RIGHT NOW!

She explained there are specific “prosperity planets and houses” in astrology…

And how they are useful in opening our prosperous energy centers… 

To pave the way for ease in abundance

It’s REALLY difficult to change the world and make an impact

If you’re exhausted from working 2-3 jobs just to make ends meet. 

They say if you work hard, you’ll have
everything you want,
but the system is rigged

The financial piece isn’t just important to me

It’s important to all of us with a Vital Calling!

At this time in our history, many aspects of our economic and social landscape feel like they’re in freefall. 

Our financial systems are failing, institutions are crumbling

Politics are changing

You can’t turn on the news without hearing about supply chain issues

Or layoffs, businesses closing, or the difficulty, in well, EVERYTHING!

It seems like everything we KNOW is changing!

And with the possibility of digital currency on the horizon

No one knows what’s going to happen. 

Many of us are being guided to start setting up options to go “off the grid”…

And prepare for the global shake-up

The one that is predicted to happen in the next few years

We’ve seen the Aquarian age ushering in some GREAT things… yet, it won’t come without some shake-ups first!

Many people are seeing the value of investing in gold and silver…

And stocking up on food and supplies… 

Preparing to have a self-sustaining life… 

Bethany and I talked about billionaires like Bill Gates buying up TONS of farmland and water rights

While wanting the rest of us to literally EAT BUGS!!

After discussing all the issues I was having around my income

And the commonalities of what so many of us are facing…

Since the world started changing dramatically in early 2020…

Bethany started digging deeper into her research
on using sound healing frequencies

We KNEW we had to create something to help our Vital Calling Soul Tribe members!

So we all can all plan for what is coming… 

And access the parts of ourselves that are connected to abundance on all planes

You’ll be able to shift your life in profound ways!

And you’ll be a leader in your community helping others. 

It’s not just a Vital Calling to reach YOUR goals…

It’s time to have a BIGGER dream and create a massive impact!

Not just for yourself but for your family, community, and country

One of the BIGGEST reasons people DON'T have the level of abundance they deserve flowing in their lives…
is partly due to the fact that their abundance is BLOCKED

It’s blocked by the fact that they aren’t on the correct path for them

They are not fulfilling the REASON they came into being on this planet!  

They haven’t accessed their VITAL CALLING and aren’t living it every day!

But YOU have already taken the first step to do that

And now it’s time for you to access your FULL abundance abilities!

So… now I want to share what Bethany and I created to help you do EXACTLY that!

Here's Everything You'll Receive In Your
Astro Abundance Manifestation Program...

This program is only suitable for you if

You’re ready to gain unlimited access to your abundance blueprint. 

Each week you’ll be given a key to unlock your ability

To dial into your personalized, unique manifesting abilities.

The Astro Abundance Manifestation Program takes you on a three-week journey within.

This powerful series of tools are designed to gently and effectively align you with your highest possible frequency for…

Keep reading to discover how this life-altering program will turn you into an Unstoppable money magnet and wealth generator

Week 1

Astro Abundance Manifestation

Elevate Your Vibration to Become an Abundance Magnet

And then I started to offer these same insights to others who were struggling.  

I began to study astrology in-depth, and eventually became a certified astrologer. 

I now use my knowledge and skills to help others to find direction, meaning, and growth in their own lives.

Through my journey with astrology… 

The miracle frequency unlocked in week one hovers around 432 Hz.

Spend the entire seven days surrounding yourself with these synchronized vibrations… 

They are comprised of two harmonic pillars– 432 Hz and 108 Hz.

And together, they harmonize your energetic field to the specific frequency of abundance flow.

This is the first key in unlocking access to the limitless wealth headed your way.

Your aura will experience waves of expansion, optimism, and insight. 

And you will come to life-changing realizations surrounding your abundance potential.

Week one empowers you to claim your rightful place among the wealthiest, happiest, and most successful.

Week 2

Abundance Aura Attunement

Remove Negative Energy Blocking Your Abundance

Week two focuses on removing energetic abundance barriers directly from your aura. 

In just one week, you’ll clear out abundance blocks… 

That have been integrated into your aura since childhood.

Reaching deep into your auric atmosphere

432 Hz slowly crescendos to permanently extract the emotional imprint of struggle, failure, and lack.

The elevated vibrations create a visceral experience… 

Influencing your aura to leave behind years of hardship, inadequacies, and loss… 

And recreate a brighter financial future.

This is the second key to activate your Abundance Aura

Your beliefs and feelings about money, wealth, abundance, and prosperity will be completely shifted.

When you attune your aura to abundance, the dam gates will be lifted

Success, money, and fulfillment will be pulled to you at lightning speed.

Your updated aura attunement will be the leading force that drives your financial success.

Week 3

Abundance Aura Attunement

Magnify Your Money Magnetization

The final week will solidify your revamped auric energy…

Allowing it to become irresistible to success, wealth, and abundance.

By tuning into the tonal baseline of 432 hz with this third key…

Your manifesting momentum will increase tenfold.

Using all three keys…

Abundance Manifestation, Aura Attunement, and Aura Accelerator to unlock your Abundance Aura… 

Your financial alchemy will transmute scarcity and lack into ambition, clarity, productivity, and unlimited monetary growth.

Your Aura energy field will be illuminated and magnetic

By week three, streams of abundance will flow in the most exciting and unexpected ways.

Your upgraded abundance aura welcomes you to a life of excellence, achievement, prosperity, and financial freedom.

Everything you’ve ever wanted will become available to you… 

If not immediately, then eventually.

And to help accelerate your results even more
I’m including several powerful bonuses…

Bonus #1

Express Astro Abundance Manifestation

A 20-minute version of week 1’s audio

Experience the entire program’s power condensed into a shorter listening time.

Use this bonus audio to fit the  Astro Abundance Manifestation Program into your daily routine with ease

I know you won’t always have an entire hour to commit to the program.

The Express Astro Wealth Manifestation is just 20 minutes of the most high-value parts of week one.…

And it will help you create and absorb just enough abundance glow on the go.

On top of the 432 Hz miracle-magnet frequency from week one…

Express Astro Abundance spans the alpha range of 8-12 Hz…

And ultimately reaches the beta frequency of 20 Hz.

The vibrational frequencies in this condensed audio… 

Are curated for an energetic tune-up on your money-magnetizing auric field.

This short version is suitable for express listening…

So you can transform your manifesting muscle memory

And strengthen your ability to attract wealth any time of the day.

Bonus #2

Astro Wealth Manifestation Guidebook:
Money, Prosperity Planets, & Houses

Your guide to financial astrology

Get the full-spectrum experience with this all-encompassing Astro Wealth Manifestation tool.

The Astro Wealth Manifestation Guidebook empowers you… 

To pinpoint all coordinated cosmic interference and assistance found in your custom natal chart…

Generated from the very moment you were born…

Right down to the exact second your financial wheel of destiny was set into motion.

From Venus to Jupiter

Saturn to Mars

A snapshot of the planets was taken when you took your first breath.

At that moment, wherever these massive energy sources were located in the cosmos

Dictated significant meaning about your financial future.

This guidebook is a personalized compass to help navigate all roadblocks, detours, and shortcuts…

The planets and constellations can cause on your road to an abundant life.

This Limited-time Offer is Exclusive to
Astro Manifestation Members ONLY - Like You!

I’ve traversed the world, collaborated with healers… 

Learned from ayurveda experts

And studied the vast schools of thought on manifesting wealth.

And all of my experiences and expertise have been concentrated in this thoughtfully curated audio series…

That Bethany and I created to bring you the extravagant life you deserve.

I’ve spent years exploring the emotional and energetic depths… 

Of the subconscious mind and Aura energy field… 

To discover the limitations that bind us to sub-par financial realities

My discoveries prompted the creation of a program that frees you and exposes you to prosperous possibilities.

The investment I put into this program is FAR more than I’m willing to say

And much less than you’ll ever have to pay.

After achieving substantial financial gain and access to incredible resources

Some students have even reached out to contribute more than $1000 to this program… 

Because it helped unlock their abundance and granted them access to fulfill their Vital Callings.

But what’s more rewarding for me… 

Was hearing of the sudden financial blessings that began to flood into their lives…

These are only the tip of the enormous iceberg
of money miracles that were reported
by our members just last month!

All of this may still feel like a fairytale to you…

It’s hard to truly estimate the value of this program until you’re writing your very own miraculous testimony of wealth.

When your abundance rushes in

You, too, may try to seek me out and offer a gesture of appreciation.

But I won’t accept $1,000 from you then or now.

These tools are far too powerful to keep to myself…

And I make them as accessible as possible to Astro Manifestation members like you.

I’ve made this program available exclusively to members only… 

Though soon the public will have full access to these lessons and tools.

Making this invaluable series accessible worldwide will increase the cost to $299. 

The rate I’m offering you today is the lowest it will ever be.

Available here only, at the bottom of this page… 

Is a 85% markdown for you only.

The Astro Abundance Manifestation Program is your rare and unique opportunity to claim your birthright to…

Multiplying your money-manifesting abilities is just the beginning of the abundant lifestyle that awaits you.

You will finally be free from the fear of… 

Bill due dates, check-out counters, bounce fees, financial applications… 

And the sheer exhaustion of money woes.

The incredible thing about the Universe is… 

when you invite its energy of abundance into your aura

The immensity of bountiful energy returned to you is… 

undeniable and guaranteed to turn everything around for you. 

It won’t take long to recognize how life begins to conspire in your favor.

But first, you have to extend your willingness to receive all it has to offer you.

Your journey can begin right now for 1/6th the price it is for everyone else.

However far behind, in the hole, or buried in debt you may be…

Once you’ve been exposed to this series

Nothing will deter you from your newfound wealth trajectory

Start now for just $44.

This generous offer includes all three weeks of audio tracks… 

PLUS two invaluable bonuses

Simply click “Yes! I Claim My Abundance, Brooke!” to upgrade your order now.

Here’s Why People Continue to Turn to the
Astro Abundance Manifestation Program

Astro Abundance Manifestation Member (2 months)

Two weeks is all it took to get an unexpected raise and a corrected tax return check. Without even trying, money is just showing up. – Daniel T.

Astro Abundance Manifestation Member (11 months)

I hadn’t taken a proper vacation in years. Now every six months, I return tan and happy after ten days in Bali. All expenses covered. – Shawna W.

Astro Abundance Manifestation Member (6 months)

No more fake designer clothes. No more late fees on delayed bills. No more collection calls. What this program gave me is as powerful as all the challenges it eliminated. – Terry L.

Astro Abundance Manifestation Member (24 months)

The longer I listen to the program, the more my miracles level up. What started as free meals, winning money, and gifts have evolved into manifesting the exact house I wanted in the exact location I needed. It never stops working. – Ryan H.

You Determine The Value of
Your Financial Future

I’m giving it to you for only $44…

But only you can determine if such an investment is really worth it.

When was the last time you made a purchase so worthwhile that…

You bragged about it to friends and family…

Changed your entire life for the better

Eliminated a majority of your stress

And ended up paying for itself in the long run?


When was the last time you…

Confidently made a large purchase

Paid your bills in advance

Made significant business investments

Went to bed knowing you and the ones you love are well taken care of?

All of this is mere crumbs compared to what Astro Abundance brings.

Imagine doing what you love
and getting paid what you deserve

Picture the ease and fun of life
when everything is accessible to you

All these experiences you’re destined to have are disintegrating right before your eyes… 

As you live day after day worrying about money.

There is no price tag for the freedom of a financially abundant life.

But all who have it agree it’s worth well beyond $1,000.

As an Astro Manifestation Member, it’s yours today for only $44

365-Day Money Back Guarantee:
Transform Your Financial Reality
Or the Program is Yours

To eliminate all barriers between you and the lifetime access to this life-changing program…

I’m guaranteeing a total refund that you can claim within 365 days.

If you are not completely swimming in abundance… 

Stumbling upon money miracles

And experiencing prominent prosperity

I will return your investment in full. 

No questions asked.

This guarantee is easy for me to offer because… 

in the past year as I’ve shared this program…

I’ve had to reimburse students for a grand total of 0 orders.

And once you experience its potent effects… you’ll understand why.

Just Click the Button Below to Upgrade Your Order
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Amplify Your Abundance &
Activate Your Wealth Destiny in
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Leave your life of lack in the past.

The door to enter your era of abundance is just before you.

I and the other brilliantly blessed members of your Vital Calling Soul Tribe await you on the other side.

You’ve manifested this very moment.

Now’s your chance to take inspired action… 

And follow through with this final invitation from the Universe.

Simply click “Yes! I Claim My Abundance, Brooke!” 

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