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I Can Barely Contain Myself!

You Have An Opportunity
I Only Wish I Had Years Ago!

In just a few short weeks, you may “stumble” into the relationship of your dreams. 

Or if you are in a relationship already, you can expect fireworks in your future.

This could be the last time you struggle with your romantic life! 

The deeply fulfilling romantic partnership you’ve always ached for is waiting for YOU!

Let Me Share Something About Myself…
For Many Years, I Struggled in my Relationships,
Feeling Lost and Alone
I’ve Always Felt Unlucky in Love

No matter how hard I tried, I always seemed to end up in toxic relationships

If there was a bad guy in the room, I was bound to fall for him!

Every breakup felt like my fault

I’d try to figure out what I did wrong to fix it, even if a boyfriend cheated on me!

As I look back to write this…
I am filled with a deep sense of sadness
for all the years I blamed myself...

I was trying to understand why I kept attracting the wrong kinds of partners

And I started to believe I would never find true love

I wondered… was I cursed or stuck with bad karma?

Over and over, I’d meet someone who seemed perfect at first.

But eventually, their true colors came out!

One guy seemed successful until… he kept “borrowing” money from my wallet!  

And I would be hurt and disappointed and alone once again. 

I had grown up in a world constantly telling me that my needs and desires were less important than those of others.

I found myself sacrificing my happiness for the sake of others, even as a child

Growing up, I never felt I could say what I thought…
I never did the right things

I was a chameleon – anything to get attention

I would have done anything or been anyone to find the love I wanted!

I have always craved love and connection

I was open, caring, and kind! 

Yet somehow, I always seem to end up with the wrong partners

Those who were either emotionally unavailable or controlling. 

I have been ghosted, cheated on, and manipulated… 

And I always felt like I was not good enough or worthy of love.

All around me, my friends seemed able to find someone

Partners who cared about and respected themyet love eluded me

Was it me? 

Was there something wrong with ME?

I was unsure how to find happiness in relationships

Trying to change and adapt for every person I met. 

Trying so hard to be the person others wanted me to be

knew it didn’t have to be this way. I felt like I was not good enough or worthy of love.

I was sick and tired of it.

The truth… I had been going about love all wrong!

This was beyond traditional healing…
I needed to learn HOW to release
my trauma blocks and heal my past

Healing takes more than just
identifying what’s gone wrong….
It takes CREATING something new!

I knew there had to be another way to approach this.

So… I called Bethany and asked if she could create some new audio tracks to…

  • Help overcome my childhood trauma wounds
  • Replace them with positive beliefs about romantic love
  • Create the belief that I deserve to have a happy, fulfilling romantic relationship 


She said she’d be happy to!

She also told me that some recent research she’d done on attachment styles… 

Would allow her to create an audio specifically to overcome childhood trauma wounds.

Applying the same principles she used
for wealth and health made sense….
So that’s exactly what Bethany did…

It took her a couple weeks to create this BRADN NEW audios meant for relationships

And she sent them over to me as soon as they were done.

I began listening to them every day and…

Miracle of all miracles, things started to change!

When I started using these audios, I didn’t notice any massive changes right away. 

But I felt calmer. I felt a sense of peace.

Several days later, I realized something HUGE

All these toxic relationships weren’t ABOUT ME

Maybe I wasn’t supposed to be with them

Maybe there was nothing WRONG with me after all?

My mind was BLOWN!

Imagine you’ve spent your entire life
believing the sky is green…
Then something shows you you’ve
been looking at the grass this entire time!
That’s how I felt!

Because when I look back on all those past relationships

I felt I was doing something wrong, and it wasn’t true!

I wish I had been stronger and more self-aware… 

I wish I had been able to recognize the red flags and the warning signs earlier. 

I laugh at how easy it seems when I look back now

A few weeks later, there was a day I decided to work on my laptop at the local coffee shop.

As I went to put in my earphones, something said, “stop.” 

Something I had never been able to do before – trust my intuition… 

But on this day – I listened. 

Two tables over from me, a man was talking

He was trying to figure out something on his computer.

It wasn’t working, and it’s something I knew how to do

casually looked over to offer my help… 

And as our eyes met, I felt a spark of electricity

He was handsome, and there was something about his eyes

I felt like I had known him for my entire life

That was just the beginning of the most incredible relationship of my life!

He is definitely my twin flame and is now my husband.

And I met him exactly when I was supposed to.

But if I hadn’t been listening to Bethany’s relationship audios… 

I would have ignored my intuition, put in my headphones, and never even met him!

I realized there’s a time and a place for
everything we want in our lives…
The universe is always delivering us
exactly what we need…

I have come to understand my own needs and desires.

My partner LOVES it when I let him know what I want. 

I have learned to recognize issues ahead of time…

In learning how to trust my instincts…
I saw I was being guided to where I was supposed to go!
I didn’t have to shift or change…
I just needed to be at the right place at the right time
And trust my intuition

I have also learned how to communicate effectively with my partner.

And how to understand his needs and desires. 

I have gained a new sense of confidence and self-awareness!

I can finally connect with others in a meaningful and authentic way.

Although I still am incredibly grateful for
everything I learned in my relationships...
I am finally feeling the love and connection
I have been longing for my whole life!

I am stronger and more self-aware now

Using what I’ve learned to break the cycle of toxic relationships… 

And find the love and connection I truly deserve!

All of this is within your grasp now…

All thanks to Bethany’s relationship audios… 

You just have to choose for yourself!

Shortly, you're about to receive access to
Bethany’s relationship audios…

Since Bethany and know everyone deserves to be in a happy, fulfilling romantic relationship with their twin flame… 

We’ve created the Astro Twin Flame Manifestation series.

The trauma-removing, hearth-connecting, and healing powers of this love-enhancing series… 

Will begin opening your heart to love immediately.

Created to empower you to experience the true love you desire and deserve

This program opens your heart chakra to LOVE!

You’ll receive 21 days of…

  • Healing
  • Strengthening
  • Euphoric energy

And all the tools you will ever need to sustain newfound health and well-being.

Here is everything you’ll get in this empowering audio series…

Week 1

Twin Flame Love Reunion
432Hz Twin Souls Manifestation
Raise Positive Energy & Attraction

60-minute audio to guide you to your twin flame

Week one prepares your mind, body, and spirit to reunite with your soul’s other half.

This spirit-awakening audio features instrumentals that are carefully and intentionally tuned to 432 Hz.

Within this frequency lies the language of twin souls, attracting them to you and you to them.

Allow this sacred sequence to lull you into a semi-trance-like state.

Once these frequencies enter your auric field, they will transform it into a magnet that pulls your twin flame toward you.

Piercing time and space, your heightened energetic vibrations will 

appear like a lighthouse at sea

For the eyes of your one true twin flame to find you easily and confidently… 

Subtle subliminal tonal waves will flow through your spirit body, enhancing your positive energy

And curating powerful momentum behind your ability to attract the true love that awaits you.

Week 2

Twin Flame Heart Connection
432Hz & 639Hz Twin Flame Manifestation
Energetic Love & Attraction

30-minute audio to empower you to recognize your twin flame

Claim your right to twin flame love by preparing your heart to recognize and embrace their energy.

Discover absolute oneness with your mirror soul

The missing half that will love and adore you completely.

Destined to cross paths, week two prepares your heart to recognize its counterpart once in its presence.

To do so, your heart center must be in harmony with your other six chakras.

Starting with a sequence of five transformative octaves, from 8 Hz to 256 Hz…

This energy-shifting listening experience begins by extracting any

residual pain and sadness that creates static in your heart frequency

The audio series will then climb its way up to… a solfeggio sequence of 639 Hz.

Also called the Miracle Frequency…

This dense melody harmonizes and aligns your heart chakra with the vibration of…

  • Unconditional Love
  • Spirit-led attraction
  • The recognizable energy of your twin flame
  • And more miracles in love

Your radiant, energetic attraction will collaborate with divine timing

To call in a serendipitous meeting between two halves of one soul.

Week 3

Twin Flame Connection
639Hz & 963Hz Twin Souls Attraction
Heart & Third Eye Chakra Love & Energy

30-minute audio to awaken your heart & third eye chakras

In the final week…

Awaken your internal navigation system and empower your romantic intuition with this Unique audio series 

It is carefully and intentionally tuned to 639 Hz and 963 Hz…the God Frequency.

Balance and expand your connection to Universal love.

By coming into alignment with oneness, Love rushes to you and accelerates the connection with your twin flame.

What you seek… is seeking you.

When the heart and third eye chakras open, you will understand the language of divine energy.

Signs, symbols, and meanings will become obvious… 

And it will be noticeable when the Universe directs you toward your twin soul.

When you are in total alignment, your energy effortlessly synergizes with your twin flame

A healthy, happy, and long-lasting relationship with another begins with an equally fulfilling relationship with yourself.

Only when you make peace within your own heart are you able to obtain the heart of another.

The Astro Twin Flame Manifestation Program Aids in repairing the relationship with your sacred self and aligns you with the receptive frequency.

Manifest the Love of Your Life for less than the cost of your first date!
Call in Your Twin Flame for Just $27!

After just three weeks, you will be more capable of attracting love

than ever before.

That’s why I’m giving you two free bonuses…

To remove any blockages that may keep you from the love you deserve.

But first, I need a promise from you…

Once you’ve found your person
and discovered how worthy you are of a fulfilling
relationship, please
write to let me know!

Thousands of success stories support this program.

And I want you to be among the happy couples who thank the Astro Twin Flame Manifestation Program!

And to help strengthen
your relationship with your twin flame…

I’m including several powerful bonuses…

Bonus #1

Relationship Harmony

20-minute audio to create beautiful harmony with your twin flame

(Free Gift Worth $44)

The frequency surrounds every cell in your auric body with harmonizing energy.

This ancient Solfeggio frequency clears negative energy from your energy field… 

Allowing harmonious interpersonal relationships to thrive.

By synchronizing your cells with your environment, you remain rooted in the present moment

The only place and time where true love can exist.

This transformative audio will enhance your communication… 

Empowering you to connect with the eternal flame of love. 

Bonus #2

Heal Your Inner Child Audio

30-minute audio to awaken your heart chakras

(Usually $33 - Yours Free)

Featuring the healing frequency for meditation & sleep…

This bonus audio features Inner Child Subliminal layered over a sacred solfeggio frequency of 639 Hz.

It clears and heals childhood trauma wounds that cause insecure attachment in romantic relationships…

Allowing you to be fully present in your relationship with your twin flame…

Instead of staying stuck in old loops that prevent you from giving to your partner without fear.

Whether you have abandonment wounds and anxious attachment, avoidant attachment, or fearful-avoidant attachment… 

This audio will enable your inner child to feel safe, secure, and loved.

When you heal these wounds, you become the complete version of yourself

The version that is capable of attracting and sustaining lifelong love with your twin soul.

That’s over $70 in free bonuses!

But only if you add this program to your order right now, on this page.

Here’s what people who have experienced
Astro Twin Flame Manifestation
have said about the program:

Astro Twin Flame Manifestation Member

“After a long series of painful karmic relationships, I had completely given up hope. This would be my last ditch effort at attracting my twin flame. It took only a month for us to find each other and only a handful of weeks to fall in love.” – Kelly T.

Astro Twin Flame Manifestation Member

“I remember… During a week three meditation, I just whispered to the Universe, ‘send her to me.’ The next week, Universe did! And I’ve never been this happy.” – Dan H.

Astro Twin Flame Manifestation Member

“I’ve become a magnet! My phone used to be radio silent, but now I can’t keep the notifications away. People who never gave me a second look suddenly can’t wait to take me out. My energy has shifted dramatically, and it shows.” – Skye L.

Yes! This program is also backed by a 365- day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee!

Just because I’m offering you a significant markdown doesn’t mean you won’t get the same promise as everything else so far.

You can confidently add this program to your order for just $27, and I’m giving you 365 days to try it… risk-free.

Heal Your Heart, Raise Your Frequency,
Attract True Love, And Manifest
A Beautiful Life With Your Twin Flame!

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