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What I Have to Share With You is Going to Blow Your Mind !

The SMARTEST people in the world already know this…

But they aren’t sharing it.  

Let me start with WHY I must share this with you…

For Too Many Years,
I Felt Like I Was Battling My Own Body

When I was younger, I had horrible allergies.

I was constantly sneezing and stuffy, even around things as common as dust or grass!

And I had strep throat more than any other kid I knew

All of this made me feel so weak and unhealthy… 

I couldn’t do all the same things as other kids… 

And they’d make fun of me.

Your sense of self as a child
can affect how you see yourself as an adult

I could never play team sports or join the track team as I wanted.

I never saw myself as healthy, strong, or powerful.

After using the Astro Manifestations for Wealth

My life started turning around

I have been seeing vast changes in my money situation.

As much as I loved what was happening financially

Not having the energy to enjoy
the beauty in life is a horrible feeling!

I didn’t feel like I had the energy to enjoy it.  I was tired all the time!

I wasn’t sleeping, and even when I was awake… There was a good chance I was sick. 

It was as if I was attracting every germ out there!

If there were a flu, cold, or sinus thing going around, I would catch it. 

I felt like I was a human petri dish

I knew this wasn’t how I wanted to live! 

So I reached out to Bethany again...
and that’s when my health changed forever

It had been a few months since we had spoken… 

But I felt she would be able to help me with my health challenges too.

I started talking to Bethany about my health
and found out she had also
trained as a naturopathic healer!

As we started talking about health, I began sharing my struggles.

Bethany curiously asked me question after question

I shared that I was trying to eat healthily but never felt healthy

Even at 35 years old, I looked like I was 45. 

Bethany shared with me something I wish I had known sooner

And a concept everyone could benefit from knowing… 

“It’s not your food choices that are causing problems…
it’s your food sources that are the issue!”

As it turns out, more people in the U.S. are becoming sick… 

Issues with food sensitivities are at a level that’s NEVER been seen before! 

The problems are based on a few factors.

U.S. food products contain harmful chemicals… 

Things that aren’t even allowed in other parts of the world

Some aren’t even visible on labels.

And the nutrients in our soil and foods are depleted.

Then Bethany told me…

“Your health issues aren’t your fault!”

“You and everyone else have been duped into believing complete lies about food.”

“But I can help you, Brooke.”

So then Bethany created some unique HEALTH frequency audios

The Astro Health Manifestation series and WOW

Do they work!

It seems funny to say this, but I didn’t even realize

Even childhood health issues
can be reversed using these audios

The series was working so gradually that I didn’t know how well… 

Until someone else noticed it. 

I popped into a coffee shop recently and ran into a friend I hadn’t seen for seven months. 

“HEY!” she said as she touched my arm, “I BARELY even recognized you!”

She asked what I’d been doing, and asked me if I’d secretly had “work done”!

I laughed as she kept telling me how I looked ten years younger… 

But the truth was that I was finally sleeping through the night. 

After years of dealing with sleep issues SINCE I was a baby, I was sleeping like one at last!

My body felt better than it had in a long time… 

And I lost weight without putting myself on some crazy restrictive diet

Or forcing myself into hours of heart-pounding exercise every day. I started walking just because I felt like it

I LIKED exercising for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE!

I was eating less processed food… And I was less hungry

Weight was just dropping off, to the tune of 15 lbs or more

And my energy was off the charts

I was FINALLY happy in my own body

Thanks to The Astro Health Manifestation series!

Very shortly, you will have the chance to gain unlimited lifetime access to the same series

Since we know everyone deserves to be able to heal their own body… 

We’ve created the Astro Health Manifestation series.

Unlike my other programs working on removing resistance and inviting the subconscious mind to do the work over time

The energizing, rejuvenating, and reparative powers of this transformative series… 

Can be experienced immediately.

Curated to help you thrive at any age

This program activates age-rewinding DNA!

You’ll receive 21 days of…

  • Healing
  • Strengthening
  • Euphoric energy

And all the tools you will ever need to sustain newfound health and well-being.

Here is everything you’ll get in this empowering audio series…

Week 1

I Am Health Affirmation

60-minute Audio to Create Vibrant Health

Speak your vibrant health into existence!

Sixty Minutes of regenerative health affirmations will lull your mind and body into a state of surrender.

From there, you will experience

  • Rewiring of false information
  • Eliminating disempowering beliefs
  • And the crushing of the fear that imposes on your self-healing capabilities.

The body follows the mind.

What the mind says, the body will become.

This series of health-affirming dialogues invoke a restorative narrative that the mind will hand deliver to each and every cell in your body.

Listen while you sleep, and by the time you awaken, your cells and DNA will already have begun transforming. 

And the automatic healing process will be in full swing.

Week 2

Deep Healing & Pain Relief

30-minute Audio to Create Deep Healing & Relieve Pain

As your body makes its way back to its natural state of optimal health

It must now shed and release years of toxic build-up.

For the body to detox, the mind has to let go of its story about pain and suffering.

The second week of this restorative series guides you away from a life of…

  • Weakness
  • Illness
  • And disease

These reframing affirmations will completely heal the body from head to toe…

And free you from afflictions.

By reprogramming the constructs of the subconscious mind… 

Your body becomes resilient against anything that may attack your DNA and cause painful repercussions.

By retraining pain receptors and the body’s response systems

You will live your long days free of physical suffering.

You will also develop a distaste for health sabotaging

  • Habits
  • Behaviors
  • And beliefs

That can weaken your well-being.

Week 3

Immune System Booster

30-minute Audio to Boost Your Immunity

Strength, power, and vitality happen from the inside out… Starting with a robust and active immune system.

Layered on top of a 432 Hz healing frequency are fundamentally curative Immune-Boosting affirmations.

Combined, they activate your body’s ability to cope with stressors.

Theta and delta waves sharpen your immunity’s health triggers, making your immune system appropriately responsive and efficient.

Spend seven days training your mind and body to self-heal and maintain an adequate defense system.

This DNA-strengthening auditory experience will…

  • Permanently improve cellular regeneration 
  • Help extract illness, disease, and inflammation
  • Cleanse you from everything your immune system is sensitive to

This will make way for improved…

  • Cognitive function
  • Physical performance
  • Mental clarity
  • Mood and hormonal balance

It all starts with a thriving immune system.

Experience Sustainable Energy, Vibrant Health,
and a Renewed Relationship with Your Body Today

A joyful life worth celebrating begins with good health.

Fuel your life-force energy with a strong mind and body.

No more imbalanced diets, depleting yourself at the gym, and taking ten herbal supplements a day…

Just to feel half okay.

This series activates the source of all your healing

And puts you in total control over your health.

Ever notice the vibrancy and energy radiating from
Celebrities who look 20 years less than their actual age?

You can have lifetime access to the very same tools and practices they refer to as their secret

“fountain of youth”

You can breathe renewed health into your life now

This program is out of the ordinary.

It’s not something doctors and pharmaceutical companies want you to know about.

There’s no money for them in someone who can self-heal.

When you gain access to the entire Astro Health Manifestation series…

You won’t just drastically improve your own health…

Your experiences to come will impact and influence how the world population treats their own ailments.

Your participation contributes to this program’s goal of making the world and the people in it

Happier and Healthier.

Here is your rare opportunity to…

Make the Most Significant Investment in
Your Health and the World We Live in

The Standard Price for the transformative

Astro Health Manifestation Program

Is $97

But I’m Handing Over the Life-Changing 3-Week Series...

To the First 500 Participants
for a One-Time Offer of
[Available On This Page ONLY]

In exchange for this massive price markdown

All I ask for is a full report on your health improvements.

As part of my data collection and continued research… 

I seek authentic and reliable testimonies upon completion of the entire three-week series.

And to make sure your results are as praise-worthy and effective as possible…

Here are two power-packed bonuses for a healthier lifestyle

Bonus #1

Deep Sleeping System

30-minute Audio to Provide Deep Rejuvenating Sleep

(Valued at over $49–Yours Free!)

Instantly sink into deep rest

with the comforting guidance of this soothing listening experience.

REM-activating music and relaxation breathing techniques transform and enhance the healing your body undergoes when your mind’s asleep.

This sleep system soundtrack releases tension held in every part of your body.

Within minutes you will experience featherweight sensations from head to toe.

Sleep is your body’s chance for optimal restoration.

This free bonus audio ensures you get the best rest possible.

Bonus #2

Deep Healing Restoration

Heal Your Body and Soul

30-minute Audio to Create Deep Healing

(Free Gift Worth $17 - Yours Free!)

A spirit that is not at ease

Will manifest a body with disease.

This bonus meditation audio was curated at a frequency of 432 Hz…

That’s the same vibration as radiant…

  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • And mental well-being

Traversing the harmonic scale of fifths, this sensational audio sequence 

generates healing on a multi-cellular scale.

Experience trapped emotions being released, leading to…

  • Improved digestion
  • Flexibility
  • Deeper breaths
  • Increased energy
  • And unbelievable endurance 

Awaken from this bonus audio
feeling lighter physically and spiritually.

Here are Just a Few Stories from
Recent Program Graduates…

Astro Health Manifestation Member

“I just assumed chronic pain was a part of aging. It wasn’t until this program that I realized I didn’t have to suffer, no matter how old I was. My stress levels have also dramatically decreased.” –  Margie S.

Astro Health Manifestation Member

“I wake up refreshed every morning and never have an energy crash in the afternoon. I’m also unexpectedly attracted to veggies and fruit more than anything else.” – Thomas K.

Astro Health Manifestation Member

“I was able to quit smoking and binge eating, and my athletic performance is off the charts. I wanted high-quality sleep from this program, but I got SO much more from it. I recommend it to everyone who steps foot in my clinic. Don’t hesitate!” – Dr. Stacy L. MD.

This Entire Program is Backed By a
365- Day No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee

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Your health is the greatest investment you can make.

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